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SEO / WEB Copywriting


08  /  I want thematic articles to strengthen the authority of the site 

Copywriting  the web or e-shop will provide you with texts that will be interesting, understandable and at the same time optimized for search engines. Unique yet high quality content supports the authority of the website and improves the position within the SERP  optimalization.

The output of copywriting is quality content, fulfilling two basic functions.  


1. Provides  useful information  site visitors and bringing new visitors. When you have well-structured and clearly displayed information, visitors will be able to find what they are looking for better and not get lost on the site. The low bounce rate alone strengthens the ranking, see the section below.   


2. Strengthens  ranking in search engines. If the content is written with SEO in mind,  the search engine will orientate the site and will index the site  to more relevant queries, which will ultimately increase organic traffic.


SEO copywriting

means  writing texts for web  SEO sites - primarily strengthening the authority of the site.



WEB copywriting 

means writing texts for websites with a focus on passing on useful information  site visitors and bringing new visitors.

Benefits of copywriting

  • You will have unique content and you will be different from the competition.

  • Traffic will increase and traffic will decrease.

  • The site will be better and better indexed in search results.

  • You are also building content for other communication channels.


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What we can help with 

/ Service offering

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  • Tailor-made copywriting plan

  • Writing thematic articles, blogs, posts

  • Social Posts (Facebook, Instagram)

  • Training in proper copywriting

  • Creation of texts for PPC advertisements

  • Links to all the complexities of SEO


The offer of services for the client is always tailor-made. 

Not all services are relevant to a particular client.


Case studies / references

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Reference  / 01 

Textbook demonstration of quality copywriting results. The thematic article on the service and the dedicated page have links ( linkbuilding ) between them and therefore reinforce each other. The result is the first two unpaid places in Google search. 

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