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Comprehensive SEO analysis of the website is a key point for improving the business results of the website. It analyzes and describes the most important shortcomings of the website in terms of SEO, suggests a way to correct them and finds a way to increase traffic and conversions (inquiries, orders).

Analyzes are a prerequisite for properly evaluating the need for optimization. It can be an analysis of keywords for the correct setting of PPC advertising, a partial SEO analysis that evaluates searchability in search engines or performance analysis, which examines how a potential customer works on the site, where he clicks, what are his decision-making processes.  

All these analyzes together are the basis for optimizing the website and advertising, thus ultimately increasing productivity  web.  


SEO analysis

​SEO analysis (sometimes referred to as SEO audit) is a comprehensive analysis of a website from the point of view of search engine optimization. Its main purpose is usually  increase traffic and (business) goals of the site from the organic part of search.

Through SEO analysis you will find out what is on the website  badly or not completely optimally, and at the same time you will learn how to solve the shortcomings. In the SEO analysis you will find the following parts:

  • analysis of technical shortcomings of the site​

  • analysis of web content deficiencies​

  • backlink analysis

  • ​ keyword analysis

  • traffic analysis

  • opportunity analysis


Keyword Analysis / PPC Analysis

Keyword analysis is the foundation of online marketing. Suggests the most effective phrases suitable for web, advertising, content extensions and  is the basis of information architecture or content strategy.

Keyword analysis can be viewed according to specific needs. Whether we look at it as a basis for SEO, or for PPC campaigns , or content strategy and content writing , it always follows the basic structure:

  • Data Collection 

  • Data mining 

  • Data cleaning 

  • Categorization

  • Output creation


Bahavial analysis

Bahvior or perfromance analysis is an analysis of customer behavior when purchasing a product. With data analytics or visual heatmaps, it is easier to understand the basic patterns in a consumer's decision before buying or not buying a product.

This analysis reveals the purchasing channels for your product, explains the differences or shortcomings of the implementation of the website. It often happens to users  on your site they behave differently than you intended, they use different buttons than you hoped, different elements of the site understand differently, etc.  

With this analysis, we are able to optimize your site to reflect the converting customer behavior patterns as closely as possible.  


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The world's most widely used PPC advertising system is Google Ads (formerly AdWords). In the Czech Republic then  still Sklik system from the company Seznam.

SEO Analysis


IN  As part of SEO analysis, we perform the following analyzes, checks and mapping​​ :

  • Current state of the site  in terms of SEO

  • Liability of landing pages  for each key phrase

  • Current  position of your site in search engines  and we will advise you on specific procedures for improving these positions

  • Main  strengths of your site 

  • The target audience that is key to your site

  • Homepage structure optimization. We place great emphasis on checking the correct  internal web linking

  • Back-link portfolio, whether a sufficient number of other quality sites link to the site

  • Back-link portfolio of your competition

  • Content parameters  web

  • Correct and effective use of HTML tags  and headings (especially the top-level heading h1).

  • Content  pages and its possible extension

  • Technical parameters  web.

  • Relevant search engines index correctly  all your sites

  • Site accessibility for search engine robots 

  • No-follow search sites

  • Malfunctioning / inappropriate redirection 

  • Page loading speed 

  • Solution  mobile and local SEO.

  • (In) use  prohibited SEO techniques.


Keyword analysis


Keyword analysis for PPC ads includes:

  • The most appropriate key phrases  for optimization, PPC campaigns and other marketing channels

  • Sorting phrases into logical groups

  • Assigning a specific landing page

  • Relevant key phrases for the web, their variants, synonyms

  • Analysis of search, competitiveness, relevance, importance and position in search engines

  • Related analysis of potential and opportunities

Behavioral analysis


Behavioral / performance analysis includes:

  • Implementation of tracking tools for websites

  • Setting monitoring parameters

  • Analysis of collected data

  • Creating behavioral heatmaps

  • Summary report

The offer of services for the client is always tailor-made. 

Not all services are relevant to a particular client.


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