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PPC advertising and marketing


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PPC marketing has become a popular, widely used and effective digital marketing tool. You only pay for this type of ad when someone clicks on it. This sets it apart from most other marketing tools.  


Of course, clicking is not the main thing, often the goal is to sell goods or services, or get a form or request. Therefore, it is important to understand PPC systems and be able to set up campaigns well. Otherwise, you may have a bunch of irrelevant clicks and no results.


Advantages of PPC advertising

  • The biggest advantages of PPC include:

  • Immediate targeting of new customers

  • A significantly lower budget than other marketing media is enough

  • A large number of people can be targeted in a short time 

  • You can target customers who have already shown interest in your products / services

  • You only pay for a specific click on your ad

  • The results of the campaign are available on an ongoing basis 

  • Campaign evaluation can be done at virtually any time and at any stage

  • The campaign can be continuously edited and optimized

  • You can calculate how effective your ad was, unlike other media

  • You can calculate return on investment (ROI)



(Pay Per Click) 

means "pay per click". PPC advertising costs you money only if someone clicks on it.




(Return On Investment) 

means "return on investment",  indicates total  profit  of spent  Investment.  This is one of the basic indicators  measuring return on investment and efficiency.

What is the process of PPC advertising

The purchase of advertising in PPC systems is carried out through an auction. It has long been the case that the higher you are willing to pay per click, the better your chances of a better position. Placement is also affected by your Quality Score, which is used to evaluate your ad's quality factors, starting with your CTR, creative and keyword coherence, and ending with the quality of the page your ad links to. This is one of the reasons why it is important to prepare a quality advertisement for the PPC campaign itself, as well as the pages to which the advertisement links (landing page).

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What we can help with 

/ Service offering

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The world's most widely used PPC advertising system is Google Ads (formerly AdWords). In the Czech Republic then  still Sklik system from the company Seznam.

  • Keyword analysis

  • Competition analysis

  • Audience analysis and audience segmentation

  • Preparation of accounts in the Sklik and Google Ads interface

  • Determination of PPC strategy and campaign structure

  • Create campaigns in Google Ads or Sklik

  • Ongoing ad optimization

  • Search term analysis for more precise campaign targeting


  • Budget ad adjustment

  • Precise targeting of the target group

  • Website / e-shop editing for more accurate product targeting

  • Analysis of XML feed quality for product campaigns

  • Feed preparation and Google Shopping campaign management

  • Detailed monitoring of advertising behavior

  • Regular reporting of results

The offer of services for the client is always tailor-made. 

Not all services are relevant to a particular client.



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Case studies / references

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Reference  / 01 

A client from an industry where there is high competition and an emphasis on targeting advertising in the Top of the Page. This industry is characterized by a high rate of direct conversion from PPC advertising, the customer needs to deal with the situation immediately, so it is necessary for the ad to appear in the first place, was  as relevant as possible to a given query and to make it very clear what the customer gets by clicking on the ad.  

The optimization of PPC kapman in Google Ads led to an ROI of 354%. 

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