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04 /  I want to create my own website or e-shop

What we can help with 

/ Service offering

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Don't want to waste time creating websites in free templates so you find out they're not completely free? Do you need to quickly create a functional e-shop? Do you want your website to be searchable? Do you need a website optimized for mobile? Do you need your website to be in multiple languages?


Whether you need a web business card or an e-shop, we will take care of everything. We are certified partners of Wix and Shoptet.

/ Responsiveness

The website we create will be optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet.

/  Searchability

We create the site in accordance with the latest trends in SEO - we guarantee that it will be searchable.

/  Ux design

The goal is to make a website  clearer, more pleasant to support  future repeat purchase or next visit.

/ Simplicity

We see strength in simplicity. Our pages are user-friendly and easy to navigate. 

/  Custom domain

Together we will choose the ideal own domain, taking into account the SEO and the nature of the business.

/ Advertising

You can promote websites or e-shop products through various channels. PPC , Social , Graders ...

/ Multilingual

We will create multilingual websites in any languages. We will provide professional translation.

  • Corporate website

  • E-shop

  • Multilingual site

  • Product pages

  • Website with reservation system

  • Personal website

  • Web business card

  • Microsite 

  • ...something else?


/ Graphics

We will take care of the complete creation of the website, including the logo and other supporting graphics

  • Creating websites 

    • we use Wix, Shoptet and Wordpress platforms

    • we always choose the most suitable platform based on the nature of the business and the client's goals

  • Own domain and hosting

  • Unified emails

  • Creating logos and graphics

  • SEO for the complete website


  • Multilingual site interface

  • Integration of your social profiles

  • Preparation of tools for ppc  advertising

  • Links to advertising accounts on social networks

  • Implementation of analytics for evaluation

  • Creation of product xml feeds 

  • Settings  CRM

  • Client zone

  • Admin access settings

The offer of services for the client is always tailor-made. 

Not all services are relevant to a particular client.


Case studies / references

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01  Multilingual websites

03  /  E-shop 


02  Company website

04  /  Corporate website 


05  Pages with reservation system

06  Web portfolio

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