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07 /  I want to get my products on price comparators or product ads

Goods graders

Product comparators represent an effective marketing channel for beginning e-shops, but also for large and established online stores. Properly optimized advertisements in product comparators are one of the basic pillars of online marketing. With a very small investment in advertising, we are able to reach a large number of precisely targeted users.  On graders  there are visitors in the penultimate stages of the purchase  -  they already know what they want to buy, and  looking for where to buy it. 

XML Feed

...Yippee  data file with information about the goods sold



Commodity grader

...Yippee  site that specializes in comparing the prices of goods from  online stores, such as Google Shopping, Heureka, Zboží.cz, Favi, Glami and others.

What is an xml feed?

An XML feed is a data file that serves  to export products on your e-shop to price comparators such as Heureka, Zboží or Google Shopping, but also for dynamic ads on social networks. It contains the name of the goods, description, price but also stock availability, variants, parameters and other information. All information is organized according to a fixed structure of the comparator, so that the products are easily classifiable and traceable. Simply put -  you feed your products to portals. And a well-crafted feed will save you a lot of work with pairing and selling products.


Supplier feed import

Most vendors have a vendor feed available. But there is often a disproportion between its feed structure and the structure of your feed required by your e-shop solution. This also has a solution, a tool will be built between the supplier feed and your e-shop, which will automatically regenerate the feed into the required form. You do not have to deal with new products, price changes or availability. We are working with the Napojse tool.

How is an XML feed generated?

a) automatically generated xml feed

If you use a high-quality e-shop template, it usually has a dynamically generated xml feed according to a predefined structure for the main comparators - Google Nákupy, Heureka, Zboží.cz.

However, it is not always optimal to put all products on the graders. Most e-shop templates do not allow you to turn off individual products. Then we analyze and transform your feed. We will then automate all this. We also work with the Mergado tool, among other things.


b) manually generated xml feed

If you didn't want to pay for an e-shop template because, for example, you offer a small number of products, then you need to create the xml feed manually and upload it to the web (it doesn't have to be the same, only the product links have to be valid). We 'll create one .  

What is the structure of the XML feed?

Each price comparator has its own predefined structure, which must be strictly adhered to. So if you want to get your products on Heurek, Zboží.cz and Google Shopping, then you need to have 3 different xml feeds. Although they contain basically the same information, although in a different structure readable only for the given comparator. 

XML feed and product advertising

One form of PPC advertising from Google is Google Shopping.  With Google Shopping, you can show specific products in your e-shop to those who are currently searching for them on Google. That is why it is absolutely crucial to have a well-processed feed together with a correctly set advertisement,  to display relevant products for specific queries.

No less effective product advertising are dynamic ads on social networks - typically Facebook, Instagram or Messenger. They use data from the xml feed to target the most relevant audience. 

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What we can help with 

/ Service offering

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  • Optimization of automatically generated XML feeds

  • Creating manual xml feeds

    • Preparing for automatic upload on the web

  • Pairing products on graders

  • Establishment of Google Merchant  platforms

  • Re-regeneration of the supplier feed ​​

  • Help with setting up tools  

    • Mergado

    • Drinks


  • Link to a Google Ads account

  • Connection with Facebook Business Manager

  • Administration of goods graders

    • Heureka, Zboží.cz, Favi, Glami and others

  • Comprehensive Google Ads Management

The offer of services for the client is always tailor-made. 

Not all services are relevant to a particular client.


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