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03 /  I want advertising on social networks 

Social ads are one of the fastest and most effective ways to connect with our target audience. This type of advertising brings significant opportunities among other digital marketing formats.

These relatively small ads use as much of all the information that users share about themselves on social media (facebook, instagram, ...). Thanks to this information, the ad is able to offer as much personalized content as possible and increase the potential for conversion as such.

The possibilities for reaching an audience on social networks seem endless. Social ads are an incredibly profitable and versatile advertising channel that allows you to create specific and unique social media campaigns to meet various business goals at a relatively low cost.


Social ads / advertising

... is advertising that relies on social networks and information from them to create, target, and deliver marketing communications.




... or also remarketing, is an effective way to reach a specific target group of people who have already come to the website.

The main advantages of advertising

on social networks

  • B2C direct sales

In essence, this is the most common way to sell on social media. Especially in the B2C environment, social networks act as a direct acquisition and conversion channel.

  • Audience

Massive opportunities to reach with advertising. With your offer, you can reach millions of people or a precisely targeted group.

  • Retargeting

An effective way to re-target potential customers who have already clicked on your ad from another type of campaign (such as google search ads) or have been otherwise interested in your product / service.  

  • Communication

Cheap way of communication with a potential customer, eg in the form of customer support. People often don't want to call, write or browse the web. But they can easily ask you on social media. Contact with fans on social networks increases the chance that a hard-earned acquisition will turn into a repeat customer.

  • Modifications

You can pause or edit your ad campaign at any time.

  • Mark

Building a company or product brand. Presence on social networks increases the reach of your brand and builds good relationships with customers. Customers remember you more and you are their first choice when they want to buy what you sell.

  • Testing

If you are developing a new product, social networks can be a quick and inexpensive tool for you. Your fans will help you in a fraction of the time and money. Just ask them on social networks.


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What we can help with 

/ Service offering

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The most used in the Czech Republic  Facebook had social media in 2019  over 5 million users, Instagram then 2.3  million.

  • Analysis of the target group, trends and questions

  • Competitors analysis

  • Creating and setting up profiles

  • Linking social networks with websites

  • Goal and budget setting

  • Creating a strategy for profiles and advertising campaigns

  • Selection of the relevant platform

  • Links to product feeds for dynamic product ads


The offer of services for the client is always tailor-made. 

Not all services are relevant to a particular client.


Case studies / references

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Reference  / 01 

A client from an industry where an initial impression of a creative that is eye-catching and targeted to a relevant audience is important. Subsequent click-throughs are direct conversions, either by contacting them via Messenger or by submitting an inquiry form on the website. 

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